Month: September 2022

Look Ahead

The planet is on the verge of irreversible damage. Society is becoming less compassionate and more divided. If we keep on this path, the road will end and things will fall apart. We need to work together to improve life on this Earth. We are in this together, let’s work together to make things better …

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It’s Real

As temperatures rise, weather patterns are changing. The seas are warming. There are more floods, more drought, more wildfires, more severe storms. The polar ice caps are melting. The floating ice is melting away very quickly. All of this threatens life on the planet. Habitats change or disappear, food and water sources are threatened, fresh …

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It is good to get outside and get some sunshine, fresh air and exercise. Do something you love to do! But it is important to be careful too. Sometimes things happen that we don’t expect. Being careful and paying attention can minimize surprises! So get out there and have some fun!