Month: November 2022

Black Friday

Black Friday ended up being quite a day It started out in the usual way Dire was excited about all of the deals The triumphant way saving money feels He filled the cart way to high And when it crashed down he thought he might die

Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from Dire to you Enjoy your meal, and make sure to chew Be thankful for all of the delicious food And gratitude, be sure to include All the wonderful food should satiate without fail But don’t eat too much turkey or you’ll grow a tail

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dire invites all of his friends for a Thanksgiving meal The love and gratitude you can actually feel Everyone is in a very good mood As Dire brings out the delicious food Potatoes, stuffing, beans and more The turkey looks amazing until it hits the floor


Go ahead and jump as high as you can Feeling free is the ultimate plan Jumping up and coming down The sky is blue, the dirt is brown Just be careful with your aim Missing the trampoline would be a shame


For everything you have, be thankful every day As it came, it can be taken away Feel the gratitude down to the bone Do it now, don’t postpone You must decide to be grateful, a conscious decision to make Gratitude is an attitude, it is an opportunity to take

Take a Hike

Hiking is a wonderful way to see the great outdoors The open skies and the canyon floors The rivers flow and the forest green Nature is peaceful, the feeling serene But make sure you know where you put your feet If not, a timely end you could suddenly meet