Month: October 2022

Cycling Along

Peddling along enjoying the day Using the bike path is the perfect way When all of a sudden you hit a giant crack It throws you off the cycling track You find yourself flying through the air with the greatest of ease Air rushes by creating a breeze Accidents happen even with the utmost of …

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Shark Bite

Swimming along, taking in the sights Not Paying attention when the shark bites The shark suddenly realizes that the skeleton is not much of a snack There is no meat on his front or his back A quick little taste and there is no doubt The shark wishes he could just spit it out

Blown Away

Weather patterns are changing. Hurricanes are getting worse. As the climate changes we need to be prepared. When a climate disaster is imminent, follow evacuation instructions and help authorities by following recommendations. By following recommendations you keep yourself save and help Search and Rescue parties by not having to be rescued. Don’t get caught in …

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