Sled Ride

Down the hill you go How far you’ll make it you do not know Sometimes you crash right from the start A long sled ride is a bit of an art But when you get it right, it is a beautiful thing Especially when it lasts right into Spring

Rocking Out

Rocking and reading a very good book Not really noticing how long that it took To fall asleep and begin to snore Startled awake when the book hit the floor Interrupting a lovely dream about running through the clover But you jerked so hard the chair went right over


I am like you, you are like me Don’t make judgements on equality Don’t think you know everything about a person by how they look It is like the cover describing the book Even though people look different on the outside We all look pretty much the same on the inside

Happy New Year

It’s time to celebrate a brand new year The road ahead is fresh and clear Every day is what we make of it Decide what you want then totally commit May all your dreams for the new year come true Dire wishes only the best for you

The Gift

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes They are wrapped up and full of surprises Joy can be found in an unexpected place So keep your eyes open and allow it space Dire wishes you Happy Holidays In your heart he hopes the peace stays

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is finally here The longest night of the year A new year’s beginning on this solstice night Hopes and dreams, the future bright Time to put all your new year’s wishes on track Because tomorrow the light will start to come back

The Magic of the Holidays

This is a magical time of year Try to forget all your worries and fear Engage in activities that are seasonally fun Decorating the tree is Dire’s favorite one But sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin And sometimes Santa just needs to step in