Time Flies

Wow, time has flown by the last couple of months! It seems with all that is going on in the world, time is speeding up. Not just because I am getting older, but because things have really been changing quickly. The world has changed, people have changed, the planet itself has changed. I know that ‘the only constant is change’, but it is time to make those changes GOOD changes. It seems that the media usually highlights the bad things going on in the world. Trauma, loss, and disaster happens, but aren’t there good things that happen too? I know we need to be aware of the important happenings, such as climate change, pollution, violence and disaster so that we can do something about it. And we do NEED to do something about it. So let’s make some positive changes so that the media can report those things too. If we do positive things, then more positive things will follow.

Hold on tight as time flies by

Step up to make positive changes, and don’t be shy

Treating people kindly and the Earth too

Is a step in the right direction of the things we can do

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